What Words May Come

Writing simple poetry, song lyrics and short stories has become so important to me over the past few years.  When I began my words were therapy for me though at the time I didn’t realize it.  I certainly never considered how impactful these words would become in my life and, from time to time, in other’s lives too.  What thrills me most is the feedback and how many different opinions and interpretations I get from one poem read through the eyes of others.  When I write the words simply flow without me getting too caught up in whatever theme may arise.  It simply starts with a line or sentence then blossoms from there.  I’ve been told it’s a gift, and while somewhere deep within me I believe that to be true, I wonder why it took so long to develop even as it continues to grow.  My grandfather was a writer, so perhaps that is where the answer lies.  Regardless, I hope you find some meaning, some smiles, some tears or something else worthy of your time here within these scripts.

God bless,


All works herein are owned and copyrighted

by Kevin D. Parish

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JAR… a poem of faith

red and white labeled jar on brown wooden table

Blinking up at the stars I see

What is right in front of me

A billion reasons like grains of sand

Painted by the Father’s hand

Reflected in the perfect light

Though I may doubt He got it right

Make no mistake of who you are

God dipped you from His favorite jar


Concentric circles

All around

In the air

And on the ground

They have me leaping

Here and there

Nowhere safe

Should I care

My drink it sits upon the bar

Next to the eyes

Within the jar

No, pickles must be what I see

Have I been drugged

Oh yes, clearly

So if I must endure this dream

A spirograph I choose to be

CHEW TOYS, NOT!… a poem

black and white cat watching adult yellow Labrador retriever on window

Given the hand that feeds me

I shall bite, no more!

It’s cold, and wet, and dark out here.

A dog house? What’s that for?

From the cat, I heard a rumor

That Master was very upset.

Her shoes were there and teasing me…

Did I chew them?

Oh, you bet!

Now, here I lay, so lonely

In the backyard where I can see.

The cat on the sil

With a smile on her face

Looking out on me!

DREAMS… a poem

person seated on grass

What is it like to capture a dream

To hold it your hands

Like a beautiful scene

How do you keep it

And not let it go

But for a second it was yours

Like one flake of snow

Only to disappear to the past

A picture in the mind

That may never last

Yet, just for a moment

The dream did come true

It put a smile on my face

Has it happened to you

SIREN… a poem

woman holding bottle near the seashore

Beware the gentle call of the Siren

For the deep is where she longs to take you

Far below where the under current is strong

And her grip is that of death

Hold tight to the voice of light

And let it guide you harmoniously

As with all things good

You will break through the waves

And land fulfilled upon solid ground

THE HAND YOU’RE DEALT… song lyrics

Woman in Green Long Sleeve Shirt Holding Brown and White Ceramic Cup

I’m gonna roll into tomorrow

And forget my yesterday

We only have one life to live

So, live it all the way

And if you get an attitude

Step back and turn a smile

Then look into the mirror

And reflect for just awhile

Sometimes it isn’t easy – no

Sometimes it’s just plain hard

Like looking at the hand you’re dealt

Without the winning card

So, if you get this message

And, it’s ringing true for you

Take advice from one who knows

Your time will come when due

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