What Words May Come?

Writing simple poetry, song lyrics and short stories has become so important to me over the past few years.  When I began my words were therapy for me though at the time I didn’t realize it.  I certainly never considered how impactful these words would become in my life and, from time to time, in other’s lives too.  What thrills me most is the feedback and how many different opinions and interpretations I get from one poem read through the eyes of others.  When I write the words simply flow without me getting too caught up in whatever theme may arise.  It simply starts with a line or sentence then blossoms from there.  I’ve been told it’s a gift, and while somewhere deep within me I believe that to be true, I wonder why it took so long to develop even as it continues to grow.  My grandfather was a writer, so perhaps that is where the answer lies.  Regardless, I hope you find some meaning, some smiles, some tears or something else worthy of your time here within these scripts.

God bless,


All works herein are owned and copyrighted

by Kevin D. Parish



Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Celebrate, if you will,

Like the waves caressing the shore.

Gentle and lapping

Yet soon to fall away without 

Having taken breath.

Ours, too, like honey dripping

And no child to taste the sweetness

Do we fall away and miss out.

The dance always comes

To an end.

We bow to the memory

For it is already gone

And we cast ourselves

Away again.

Lost in the ocean

Like waves.


How did the enchantress steal my light

Guarded as my heart was by thee

She who crept stealthily into the night

Whilst you, my love, slumbered so sweet


Canines rested without midnight feast

Oh ,what a meal could have been

Yet there they lay by the hearth restfully

Whilst the enchantress did get in


A spell cast there above my bed

Words piercing whilst dreams carried me

Never the morn shall I see again

For in darkness – will I ever sleep


Image:  https://www.pexels.com/photo/dark-darkness-loneliness-mystery-1446948/