A riddle for you… What am I?



Confined by constraints upon which I cast

Uninvited are woe to breathe in their last

High upon bough or lower to earth

Encroach upon me

Increasing my girth


The nature of art the art of nature

In darkest of night I welcome the stranger

Creeping or crawling descend from above

Entrapped chosen weapon

Tight fit as a glove


Disturbed in my slumber for which I not rest

Pierced through the brain, stomach or breast

Eyes all around as I draw you near

Now in my grasp

To heighten your fear


Around and around and fading so fast

Exhale of your breath the last is the last

In darkness were you when brought into light

In darkness go now

As you lose this last fight

2 thoughts on “A riddle for you… What am I?

Add yours

    1. When I first wrote that I thought of the subject and how to use words with subtle clues, but the first 8-10 peopole didn’t get it. Then, every person who read it, it seemed, did get it. It was posted either last Oct or the previous. It turned out good!

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