God checking in…



I had a visit from God today

A shock to the senses you see

I was staring into the mirror, and…

He was staring back at me

In words I managed “Hello Lord”

He smiled then replied back “Hi”

Nothing much said for a moment then

Then I glanced up and asked him “Why”

Why are you here in this steamed up room

What have I done wrong now

He just grinned at me and plainly said

“We haven’t talked much in a while”

At that I started realizing the words

As they cut through me like a knife

Not looking up to behold His glory

Saddened I began to cry

As if a hand laid upon my shoulder there

Releasing me from that pain

My heart found its rhythm, warmth and care

Looking up I saw Him again

He was smiling at me like I was the one

Of all His creation on Earth

Encompassed by the Father’s love for His son

I know I’ve been His since my birth

Realizing the splendor of His Holy being

I suddenly dropped to my knees

With hands held high my eye’s now seeing

I proclaimed Him, Lord and King

Again a gentle touch, or so it seemed

Was upon my shoulder again

Arising I looked into the mirror at me

God was no longer looking back from within

As I stood there in my euphoria alone

Every sense of my being aware

I wondered if I had really seen my Lord

And why had I seen Him there

Not wanting to withdraw from this moment of awe

I relived that very brief scene

Of chatting away with the Lord my God

Then kneeling I began to sing….





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