When the waters recede after the storm

When the sun is again on the rise

When you shed the last tear after your heart has been torn

You can rebuild what was lost on the tide

Don’t get trapped in the folly like the wind in a sail

On a ship that you never sent out

Take a deep breath and smile at your coup of the gale

Let the strength from within expunge doubt

Your season has come as if on angel’s wings

Open eyes acute to their aim

Akin is the precious and new life it brings

Breaking down and eroding false shame

So take to your oars and row for your life

Lest you slip back in the white-capped waves crashing

The anchor is lost and the past has swept by

Secure your hold true with tight lashing

Into the current adrift is your lot

The bearings point true in your course

With the North Star solidifying your plot

In the heart you will find your true source

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