Deep, deep, deep… analysis please?



The comfort we take in this bleak world of folly

Opaque with anxiety of hope

Born to the wind upon a simple leaf fallen

Subtle the brushstroke on this loose canvas of life

Blinking, the suddenness of sunlight-filled eyes

As you carry your burdens like a badge of honor

Calling to no one present, future, nor past

Tumbling down a chasm of chaos and defeat

Deepest when we’re found is where the true test begins

The very core of but a singular mortal

Poured out for this world in blood and agony

Rejoicing with the discovery of a solitary foothold

To the fool who never resolves to seek

Encumbered, yes, but arise from the unfathomable

A leviathan’s release into a soul lost

Concurrence for the precious now recognized within

The raging battle crests atop and spills over the white-capped tsunami

From whence comes forth the champion

The campaign falters in the memory loss of time and struggle

To breathe in coolness again but a distant dream

Oh nightmare you stake your claim with gripping vengeance

Sallow haze a burden for progress, yet…

Host shine down enlightenment

Asunder this highway to Hades and his fledglings

Alas no other signs of confederates awaiting orders

Selfishness burns the solitary path forward

Hither is strength to overcome

Scale the sheer cliffs of this netherworld that surrounds

Be brave and take true aim and achieve or be forever lost

Rediscover the promise

Your kin wait

Lingering brings nothing but regret and wretched indulgence

The taste of spring, while a memory, is still sweet

Recollect and move the vessel given you

Disclose and honor your mother and father

Disclose and honor your sister and brother

Disclose and honor your wife and your children

Disclose, arise, and be free

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