Sweet little poem… Oh this pooch!


This is the story of Waggletilaggles

A wee little pup don’t you know

His sparkling eyes can light up the face

Of the most harden heart so it goes

And what is that squeak

Could it be the bark

Of this tiny little pint-sized pooch

Ah yes it’s true

As he’s running to you

His tiny tongue readies to smooch

Oh Waggletilaggles slips off each night

As he is a curious whelp

Where does he go

Is he all alone

How can a mere mortal give help

No Waggletilaggles needs not you or me

I believe he is not of this world

Itty-bitty and cute

He turns back in salute

With a wink he is gone in a whirl

Now don’t go ah-frettin’

Don’t go on and on

About such an adorable thing

Being all by himself

He could sit on your shelf

To the world such a joy he can bring

Just think of the faces

Not too unlike yours

When at first did you see with your eyes

Such a fine little thing

Squeaking joy when he’d sing

For your heart did receive quite a prize

For Waggletilaggles his job is done

Having witnessed we all now are blessed

Little package of joy

Twinkling eyes did employ

Surrendered to a world in a mess

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