Resurection from depression… a poem


Here am I

All alone

A sea of people everywhere

My eyes cast down upon the stones

A path I always bear


No one ever sees me

No one calls my name

Days go by with silent tears

Always just the same


Happiness is not a friend

Too special that for me

My time here on the treadmill’s end

Suffer, suffer, suffering


My tears well and go unseen

By all the passersby

Harder each and every day

In bed, each night I cry


Why has this life forbidden me

To find all a soul can seek

Alone am I in this great big world

Blinded eyes don’t see

My hearts dried up and dead

The sun arises every morning

For me it’s always filled with dread

Solitude, lifeless, boring


Out there on the sidewalk

Amid the silhouettes I grieve

Inward crashing oceans writhe

To crush and drown and seethe


Have I come to the stopping point

A wall of truth be known

Time ticks on its faithful path

My way is lost and gone


The shuddering breaks through from their depths

A chasm I never knew

Screaming inward tearing loose

The threads that kept me glued


Stuck in place to suffer more

And more and more and more

Abhorrent demons leave the lair

Attack me until I’m torn


To capture and to hold in place

While I in my abandonment

Head down again to lose the race

My broken heart is sediment


Here now comes a searing light

Squinted yet my closed eyes see

Beheld within a valid sight

Transfixed in wonder

Blood rushing through me


A feeling I’ve never known

Looking into the eyes of love

Broken is my heart of stone

As I stand there gazing

I feel the pain


Like nothing I’ve felt before

Looking for my reflection to see

In broken mirrors on the floor

Who is the stranger there in the glass


Unfamiliar the look on that face

As the muscles in my jaws hurt strangely

There is a smile of sovereign grace

White light blinding


I feel the presence

That I once knew as a child

Hindered no longer by the awkward soldier

Who filled my cup with vile


Emptied now and thrown away

Never to be held again

My hands are free

My eyes can see

The love buried deep within


Morning breaks in all its glory

Clean and fresh a brand-new start

I cannot seem to wipe this smile

That springs up from my heart


God has reached out His hand

And touched this mortal being

People see me for the very first time

And they smile too in seeing


Never have I told my name

Not ever reached out before

Hindered by the fright within

Closed that solid door


No longer journey I alone

A new path lay before me

Open eyes see all there is

In a world that used to ignore me


Consciously I extend my hand

To a stranger passing by

Resurrection upon my reflection

They smile without knowing why


Hello, my name is…

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