Steadfast hope… a poem



I cast my lot and walk the road along this earthly journey

Unbeckoned I will share the load upon my shoulders burning

Heaven surely waits for me the book that has been written

Long before this air I breathe my soul was claimed, forgiven


Oh, how cries into the night upon my ears do fall

Sudden as small creatures scamper unseen in the walls

Reaching deep within the fabric of my palpitating chest

Finding somber soothing hope deep within the breast


Hindered not by blinded fear my tread on footings solid

In helpless plunder pirates cheer from floundered ships are calling

Seas ebb upon the beaches hidden currents pulling

Drawing down those poor lost souls whose hope lay in their sculling


Disembarking from my path an option never taken

Restful silence peaceful visage to these eyes unbreaking

Hence the grandeur all around the splendor of His hand

Gratitude in my salvation thankful is this man

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