Allegory-A figure of speech in abstract… a poem


This allegory has no meaning

It has no beating of breath or heart

Within the whale was Jonah screaming

No light, unseeing, to play his part


Innsmouth Harbor how cold the water

As Lovecraft wrote of the creatures at play

Alight the village on wayward reef

While blurry-eyed monsters collect their prey


Up from the scuppers politicians who flounder

Churning and burning revealed what they are

Captured by truth those who sit in high towers

Split further the tongues as they waggle their yarn


Yet helpless are we here low in our countenance

While gazing from above spineless ravens drift by

Judging and passing sentence upon us

We who elected those feathers that fly


Numbered the days for us one and all

Unless like the captain the ship to keep sail

Staying the course lest he change his mind

What once was our heaven is now but our hell

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