Has this ever happened… a poem



Sudden awareness of movement in the peripheral vision of my eye

A glistening spectral of unseemly light whose subtle movement proved its discovery

Flinching in hasty fear

Drawn by unknown forces, yet polarized

Gooseflesh plays across my entire being in expectation and dread

Fight or flight from the unknown menace

A question that plays over and over inside my terrorized brain

Confrontation inevitable and unavoidable

Exodus too powerful a pull to be ignored

Spellbound by the mysterious tentacles of the surreal

Forever lost in the abyss should it grasp

Praying, praying for strength and fortitude

Cemented in place

The only sound my heartbeat’s staccato and interminable ringing in my ears

Tears cascade down my cheeks from eyes unblinking

Turn, turn to meet the uninvited silhouette of nightmare

Weakness, dizziness, hopelessness work in concert to their end

Specs and flashes of lightning dance in all directions

I glance as I succumb to its bondage

Tis nothing

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