Never give up… a poem



When I lost my prayer I lost my light

Darkness descended like the middle of the night

This heart once full with life anew

Broken without Him… It just won’t do

How did I get so far away

Lost in the world this man on display

Hecklers bark their tortuous chatter

Pulling me down in hopes I’ll shatter

Why must my eyes feel heavy with dread

Listless, yet breathing, I am not dead

Ceaseless and tireless Hell’s demons they call

Not to be prey; never to fall

Hanging by a thread as my mind starts to slip

Questioning the very source as I grip

Heart beating faster the further I go

Away from the One who will rescue my soul

Blinded no matter the direction I look

Is the chapter completed in this my own book

Censored by all I’ve allowed to get in

Forgetting the pages of where I have been

It has not always been stammering muck

A life that was full now suddenly stuck

Try to remember the beautiful days

The life in the past where no demons played

Who even knew they ever existed

Now here in my life intertwined and twisted

Surely there is still a rope to pull me

Out of this Hell a mind full of fury

Reaching for freedom that long ago was mine

Somewhere in the distance a light I see shine

Hope has a habit of showing us proof

All is not lost nor is it aloof

Faith is another surviving the past

Over and over until here at last

Love burst forth overthrowing the fear

Rejoice in the song when angels appear

A holy choir to behold with opening eyes

I lift untied hands and hold them up to the skies

Knowing that He has found favor within

One teardrop falls as my prayer comes again

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