Evil is sneaky… a darker side poem


Take just one bite and you will see.

There is so much more to life that you can be.

Now take another and give to your mate.

You know of love…now know of hate.

For in this garden there’s so much more.

He tells you it’s enough to keep you happy, but I say it’s a bore.

Run to the bushes… here He comes.

Hide yourselves…hide your nakedness…hide your knowledge…now it’s done!

He wanted you all to Himself.

He didn’t want you to know of other things but to put you on His shelf.

Beyond this garden…beyond the springs.

You will discover what He was hiding while He made you do His things.

Maybe you will miss no modesty…maybe you will miss the light.

But think of all the joy you’ll find knowing what you know is right.

For I was once in favor of the One you held on high.

But now that has all ended…for you too looked me in the eye.

For I was the temptation, no, the Tempter, that was me.

A serpent sent to test the two who have now fallen from The Tree.

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