Of great loss… a poem



From whence come the tears when the well runs dry

I shiver in the loneliness born

Tossed here and there like a ship on high seas

My hope and my heart have been torn

The void herein cannot be dispelled

Much deeper the chasm, abyss

Bound to this world full of darkened decline

Hell must be something like this

For centuries, it seems I’ve been drowning in grief

Though mortal and merely am I

The suffering of loss missing hands on the clock

Tell my truth, tell my story, tell my time

Deteriorating automaton aimlessly afoot

Desperation, bumping off walls

Emptiness filling overflowing my cup

Joyful house once a home emptied halls

Loss is a journey for one and for all

A season of weeping and moans

Prayers to a God whom I once relied

Emptiness now missing soul

Cruelty truly has a companion

To whip and to slash and to tear

Into my very existence of being

Exposing my burdens so bare

Raw from the anguish bleeding with torment

Custody of my sanity lost

Surely the devil himself is behind this

Once hallowed grounds holocaust

Shaking my fists exposing incisors

Growling with guttural pain

Nothing so sacred that I wouldn’t offer

If only to hold him again

But now ‘tis the time for final goodbyes

These bloodshot, blurred eyes barely see

Cast into wind and carried away

This burden of sorrow within me

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