What then… a poem



What vestige would I leave if I left here today?

What would my wife, children and grandchildren say?

If I were I pilot who flew over the world what would be said of my life when unfurled?

How many students would remember my name on the day I retired from vocational fame?

Did I ever get noticed when I took out the trash or mopped the floors after the high school bash?

When I served you your dinner and poured you your wine did you tip me and thank me for being so kind?

How many people on the street corner passed as I held out my hands while my eyes were downcast?

Did you ever thank me for driving the car that safely delivered you home from the bar?

Had I been a doctor or nurse who cared what would be said of the compassion I shared?

When children were born and when we stood over graves did my words matter in the prayers that I prayed?

When I took up arms to defend with my life how did my country treat me after that strife?

No, I’ll never know when comes that day when my final breath has sauntered away.

How can I know if my life made a change in the ways of the world or was I just estranged?

Maybe the answers to this aren’t for me to know before I am cast to the sea.

Before I am buried or put on the shelf my ashes to sit right there by myself.

For in this life I both loved and lost, but more importantly I believed and lived for the Cross!






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