For the Harold Robinson family…a poem of rest…I love you all!



Lean in close so I can whisper in your ear

Cordon off the world – these words you need to hear

Are you listening to what I have to say

Do you feel the subtle nudges that I give you everyday

Colors of a rainbow are so beautiful

A canvas painted pallet in the sky

Surely you know heaven – will always shine on you

A promise made for all when I died

Be still – be patient – I will take away your pain

Come to Me in prayer and I will glorify your name

Let Me be your alibi when another comes to call

Before Me lay your burdens – Before Me one and all

Trust what you are feeling in your heart

Never will I leave you – never will I part

Walk with Me each and every day

Just talk with Me, your Father – when you bow your head and pray

Remember long ago up on that hill

Nailed there to a cross – they couldn’t break My will

I am still here before you – need only say My name

Time will pass you by – but I will never change

Bring to Me My children one and all

Those impoverished and forgotten – the sinners and the lost

For in My eyes their image is so clear

A portrait of Myself – I made them without tears

This life on earth will slip by in a blink

My sacrifice of body – My blood for all to drink

Partake in this and you will find your peace

Now rest My child – it’s time for you to sleep

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