Man struggles… a poem


Cast me away in darkness into the gnashing of teeth

For I am not worthy to carry the souls of these shoes less the weight which they bare

The road is too long and too steep to tread

The depressions upon it are like those that have burrowed into my heart

Scars, like pockmarks, hardened and numb, encumber me

Silhouettes of shadow dance and traverse what is real and what is imagined in my mind

I wretch at the inhumanity of it

It depletes the final reserves of what keeps me sane – human

High above is the place of solace for my soul, yet here am I

Lowly drifting in a sea of consummation and transgression

Drowning with each attempted breath

Beelzebub delights with my every struggle as I purge goodness for his hate

The irritant to humanity guffaws his pleasure

The taste of metal tingles on my tongue – his grip tightens

Cast away these chains

Cast away this horror of disconnectedness to the only One who can save me

My spirit makes a final plea with repentance, humility and truth

Save me my sweet and precious Lord

Save me from myself

Save me, for I give myself wholeheartedly to You in Christ Jesus

Save me

I am Yours

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