One who gives up… a poem



Lowly, I lay face down with my torment

Hindered and hardened my soul

Sodden and strewn across fields of discontent

More akin to the beating of wings, that sound, than my heart

Malnourishment shrivels the once strong vessel

Waves of sorrow its only exertion

Reflections run amuck and cast in every direction

Blissful memories sink into the soil where lies my past

As this husk, too shall soon be subjected

Earthworms, maggots, earwigs and grubs salivate in expectation

Pray, where is the sun that once shone down on this hypocrite

Is the powerful and mighty now prowling as a cat

Am I the prey who was once the master

Where is my charity, my reward

Did I not seek the higher constellations in the myriad plains of the heavens

Before, quenched, now I am lying in the dust to become dust

Is my destiny the way of the whirlwind and cyclone, scattered hither and dither

Surely a righteous man will again bask in hope

But no, tis not the design for me from the Architect

The colors fade, awash in grey and twilight

Dusk beckons its approach as I fall further toward the never-ending

Will there be another dawn upon the crest of my brow

Alas, that desire too will fade into darkness

From this, my station, I bid thee a hearty farewell

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