TIME-LOCK… I saw this picture..


Cascading down the country road rivulets of grass sway in the summer breeze like wheat stalks in a field. High aloft in the clear blue sky a hawk soars in search of sustenance hidden below. Sun bathes and pokes holes through the treetops that rock to and fro in the gentle wind. Sunlight dances seen and unseen on the ground below the canopy as if playing a game of now you see me – now you don’t. An old rusty gate whose frame once impeded the road speaks from hinges that are never to engage in work again. It’s once straight and strong, wooden pillars, which were the backbone of support, now decay slowly from below…unseen by the observing eyes of passers by. Songbirds flitter amongst the bushes and trees, while the brown thrush scurry on the ground in search of an unsuspecting insect and a meal.

Life here is peaceful, tranquil. Unlike that of the modern man and his hustle and bustle world of the clock. Much can be said about such a picturesque scene. Even more can be learned by those who strive to achieve it, yet the very idea is based on absurdity. No, God still knows what is best for those high-minded who walk erect on two legs upon His lands. His is a plan that will still exist in its simplistic beauty long after our time is gone.

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