Consequences…A short story.



The captain of a ship was very involved in how his ship ran.  He not only helped lay out the course of the ship’s journey he also helped navigate the ship across the seas.  While at sea he spent time in the kitchen with the chef to ensure that what was served to the crew was what the crew needed.   To that end he spent a lot of time on deck with the crew as an example of how to perform work at each area of the ships vast needs to operate properly.  When not aloft in the wheelhouse or on deck the captain could be found below deck in the engine room with the mechanics and workers there to confirm all was in order and working properly and efficiently.  Yes, this was a busy captain who rarely stayed at one post for any given amount of time.

As the ship reached its destination and was safely harbored the captain once again went down onto the deck and instructed the deckhands on how to properly tie off the lines that secure the ship to the dock.  Once the unloading began the passionate captain was there to oversee each crate of the ship’s cargo being off-loaded onto the pier.  Next, the captain aided in the refueling.  When the ship was once again ready to receive new freight, the captain was baffled that no one was there to assist in this effort.  He searched high and low throughout the craft only to find himself alone.

Perhaps, if the captain of the ship had been only that, the captain, this once fine vessel that traversed the seas would once again be on its way.  However, no crew would ever board a ship with this captain at its helm.  You see?

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