Pride’s call… a poem





My distraction in limbo cuts me to the bone

Melancholy seeps through me until it finds itself home

Playfully it jabs my heart that once shone like gold

Lurking demons from without assess the drowning soul

“Come out! Come out!” they yell at me to join their hive-like way

Recruiting for the torture they inflict most everyday

Multitudinous they grow their numbers for the weak cannot resist

Tearing down the very walls of friendship, love and bliss

Theirs is not to hinder what lies deep inside us all

Theirs is but to slash and gash upon the tender…until we fall

We as man hold trophies high above for all to see

The pride of our accomplishment over other human beings

And in that pride, not dormant, is the very seed of sin

Waiting for its chance to steal another from within

And holding high upon the claws that savagely stole away

The very pride for all to see… now their trophy to display

“Hell is empty and all the devils are here.” Shakespeare said

With hearts still beating, outward alive, but inside us we are dead

Score another for Beelzebub who lost his favored place

Kicked out of Heaven for his pride…

God put him in his place




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