When we are in need… a poem



It wasn’t just that cry in the night.

It wasn’t just one lonely heart.

It wasn’t the solitude deep inside that finally broke and fell apart.

There has always been and will always be seclusion within us all.

Though we try and try to keep it tempered less others see us fall.

Transition occurs in the blink of an eye dismantling the walls we build.

A mere mention of what is conflicting us to another who has the will.

The will to help us see past the haze, the gloom, the “pity is me.”

So often we offer our words and love and forget when we’re also in need.

Before we realize what we’ve done it’s spilled out, too late for retraction.

How did that happen, we ask ourselves, not foreseeing the blessed reaction?

Our true being and meaning in life is to aid others in all we do.

God had plan when He created us all to help others and to Him be true.

Let’s not be wary and strong and brave and put on the usual mask.

Life is too short to not seek the help we need… Really, you need only ask.

Ask your spouse, your partner, your friend, your pastor and let them do what they do.

You’d do the same for them, you know you would, so let them do it too!

Last, but not least, seek He who knows all, He who is always there.

Yes, the simplest and truest way to this life is for us to seek help in prayer.

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