Whimsy… a silly little poem



Whimsy, the heron fell off of his perch, flailing, ker-sploosh, to the water.

Blub-blubbing out bubbles below were the fish laughing harder, and harder and harder.

Delighted old otter, who just happened by, as the heron made his poor landing.

Faltered was he, his eyes didn’t see, but the boulder gave him understanding.

Further on down, a fish they call clown, observed up above the commotion.

How special a way, to start off the day, too bad they don’t live in the ocean.

On a limb high above, observant a dove, noticed what happened below her.

Coo-cooing was she, far up in that tree, no one saw her lose her composure.

Debacles like this, are usually missed, and nature she just carries onward.

But once in a while, she gives up a smile, and leaves us in awe and in wonder.

Now, seldom is heard, of the skinny old bird, who fell off his perch on that day.

Let’s give him a shout, and pull him back out, so he can fly far, far away…

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