The Szechuan Dragon… a short story



Part Two…

That evening at home I heard a commotion outside, so I went to investigate.  It wasn’t so much what I saw but rather what I heard swishing away in the air.  I thought to myself that I must be imagining that sound, but I wasn’t.  The next morning, I went to retrieve the trashcan from the curb only to find that it had been destroyed leaving trash all over the sidewalk.  Ugh!  Stupid dogs!  Somewhere in the back of my mind, not wanting to believe it to be true, I tucked away the idea of the dragon.  We were too many miles away from the forest I consoled myself.  Wrong!

Over the next several weeks we were under siege, so to speak, with a barrage of nightly visits from a yet unconfirmed foe.  Unconfirmed, yes, but without a doubt it was that little flying devil.  One morning the car had a big dent in the hood as if something had stepped on it or maybe laid on it.  A few days later the water hose was scattered in pieces around the yard.  Next, our blueberry bushes were stripped of all their fruit.  This did not make for a very happy daddy and kids.  The strangest thing was no one else in the cul-de-sac was experiencing any of these difficulties.  Nope!  It was all ours.  Double ugh!!!  These incidents continued until I decided to do something more severe and offensive about it.  So, I began to plan.

My first attempt to dissuade the beast failed miserably.  I had fashioned a trap with ropes and a slipknot snare to capture my foe by the foot.  This resulted in a chewed and burned up rope.  Next, I made a cage with chain link fence and a door set with a powerful spring that would slam shut when a mechanism was tripped inside, thus capturing the prey.  I even camouflaged it with brush.  Strike out again… The cage was splayed open the next day as if it had been made with sticks.  My last nerve is getting closer and closer…

I was at my wit’s end by this time and decided to just wait it out.  No more traps.  No more attempts.  No more anything.  Weeks went by and the nightly visits continued.  We had all pretty much gotten used to it and agreed to ignore what was happening to our property.  Life went on.  It went on until the other day.  I was watching a show on television late one morning when I heard a crash from without.  I ran to look out the kitchen window and saw our antagonist swimming around in our pool.  Funny, you’d have thought if it liked water it would have been using the pool before, but it hadn’t.  This was the first time.  After a while, the thing climbed out, shook off the water, and lifted into the air.  I had a new plan.


To be continued…

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