Silhouettes of Emotion…interpretive thought

silhouette of man standing against black and red background
Photo by Elti Meshau on


Emotions can be cloaked like silhouettes?

As a motif, they recur time and again throughout our numbered days.

Sometimes in shade or shadow, and sometimes in halftone images.

At all times… ever-changing.

Just as hems rise and fall over time, like the neckline of casual attire,

So too do emotions propagate like a miasma of color.

One may say, “that person shows no emotion.” This is not fact.

While not infinitesimal, by any stretch, emotion can be worn like a peignoir.

Other times, when isolated and lost in thought, emotion may appear ecru.

However, and always, it is never steadfast.  No, like a boucle quilt, emotion will

Always be cloaked like silhouettes!

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