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Alexander Hamilton one stated, “I never expect to see a perfect work from an imperfect man.”  On the surface that seems straightforward, yet beneath this statement is the tide of humanity and our existence.  Without thought you may gloss over the interpretation, however, if you are observant you will know that no such man/woman exists in today’s world.  Perfection in the human form, while some may strive for physical perfection, or intellectual perfection is not possible, and to believe that such is possible is a fallacy wrapped in naivete.  Even the most arrogant who walk among us must bow to this truth.

No, there was but one who was perfect, and regardless of our steadfastness to achieve perfect status we will forever fall short.  This is not to be confused with failure.  Failure is and will always be part of our plinth, or base, to become better than we were before failure.  It is simple and true less we be prevaricators in flesh.

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