Fall From Ascension…a dark poem

close up photography of fallen leaves
Photo by Hannah Nelson on Pexels.com


It was a cry of melancholy,

Awash in anguish and despair.

To fall from lofty towers,

Lost ascension, benefactor, heir.

Lowly, now the mortal,

Treading heavily on this plane,

Will know the earthly struggles,

Know the fire and the pain.

Aloft, there in her judgment,

Over others so easily.

Now to bare the will above,

Upon her soulless being.

“Awake, awake, oh demons part,

In slumber, I this place.

And beating, beating, beating heart,

My ears they sense my fate.”

Darkness falls and all around,

A pounding, slapping hand.

As dirt, and rock descend upon

My grave within this land.

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