Canterbury…a tale/poem

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Aye, tis in my beloved Kent,

That this obsession did begin.

Moreover, in salacious Canterbury,

If me observations are to be met with truth.

Obtuse, you may be, and as a casual observer too, but, oh, not I.

With me own eyes have I seen the dastardly fiend.

And, tis fair to note, that which has no name cannot be.

But, no!  I say it can and is, even as I script my tale.

As I walked by the foggy Thames, there within its estuary,

Twas then befell upon me eyes the hellish scene,

Shared in this story I now recite to thee.

Steadily, did I hold in my position.

Steady hands were not.

Prickly-haired, frozen there, as I stood upon that spot.

Ascended, floating above the bog,

As if a puff of smoke.

Eyes were staring from that fog,

Caused me then to choke.

Dare I make the slightest sound,

Or move my head or feet.

Mortified my thoughts if found,

Mesmerized and steep.

Though here I stand before you,

As I whisper of my affair.

Surely, in this venue,

Yours will think me yarn an err.

Whilst true, I cannot validate,

What me eyes did spy that day.

I ask you be dispassionate,

To the words that I do say.

No, tis easy to read in your eyes,

My story resonates not in truism.

Lest I end now, my words, not lies,

Plain to see, your thoughts of yahooism.

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