The Note…a poem of need

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Yes, Lord, I got your note, and I’m sorry I didn’t respond!

It’s been pretty tough around here lately…

New house, new chores, and the lawn.

It seems every time I turn around someone is seeking my time.

Please do this, and please do that…

And working to make a dime.

Life’s getting harder each step of the way

I’m amazed that my wife still loves me.

Then again, her world is as busy as mine.

Exhausted every night beside me.

Vacation, oh yeah, wouldn’t that be nice?

We could drive down to the beach and play.

Nah, there just isn’t enough time for us,

That would only get in our way.

Besides, if we went, we’d probably just sleep,

Or talk about what else needs to be done.

We could never relax, even if we wanted,

Because we’d still be tied to our phones.

What’s that you say?  Please, do repeat.

I was momentarily distracted again.

Oh, yes, I see.  It’s not all up to me.

Here’s my heart, will you please come back in?

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