The Waves of Nigh… a dark poem

seashore during nighttime
Photo by Studio 7042 on


Haunted, are the waves of Nigh.

Blustery winds,

A haughty high.

Wraiths traverse,

On whitecapped height.

Crested seas,

Betray the night.


Abrasive sands await their prey.

In dark they feed,

Digest in day.

Silver glistens in moonlit strife.

While gold so tempts,

The harlot’s knife.


Murder waits upon these shores.

Stealing souls,


Lustfully, deceit plays out her role.

No kings or crowns,

Rest on this shoal.


Kestrel’s flying high above,

Screeching their song,

And dripping of blood.

All is lost on the midnight tide.

Never again.

The waves of Nigh.

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