Grandma and Grandpa… a poem

old couple walking while holding hands
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I remember it as clear as yesterday.

“Turn the lights off, if you go!”

“Leave them on, if you stay!”

Grandma and grandpa didn’t have much you see.

Him always out fishing,

While she was canning the beans.

He’d bring home his catch every single night.

She’d serve up his dinner,

He was thankful and polite.

The memories that flood, still, out of those walls.

Dozens of pictures still hung in the halls.

A place to find refuge,

When the world got too tough.

Yeah, grandma and grandpa,

Were always enough.

Now, that it’s me and my beautiful wife,

Who give the kids refuge,

From the troubles of life.

And just like my grandma and grandpa, you see,

I wouldn’t trade it for the world…

What a life…what a dream…

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