Kyle McShashy… a poem

selective focus photography of tombstone
Photo by Brett Sayles on


For the love of Kyle McShashy,

His knew not of bounds.

Confounded were those,

In fits and throws,

Always the talk about town.


For he had a heart much larger,

Then the average man, you see.

From the day he was born,

A delightful morn,

As the sun shone down on the sea.


Strong as the finest stallion,

Eyes as raven as coal.

For the lassies, all swooned,

When he bowed, “Afternoon!”

For him, they’d have sold their soul.


And mothers wish they had borne him.

Fathers wish he’d was their own.

But he was taken too soon,

For war, plays its own tune,

Rest in peace, Kyle, below that stone.

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