Archipelago of Kwee… a religious poem

aerial photo of island
Photo by Sean JOHNSTON on

In the Archipelago of Kwee

Most fond is my memory.

It was there I listened to God.

No, please don’t think me odd.

Quietly, did I spend my time

While gentle waves cleansed my mind.

Deeper than I’ve ever been

Into my heart, my mind, my sins.

Judgment is not what I found

When upon my knees on the sand was the sound.

The sound of an angel’s wings

Unmistakable that sound from all things.

Gently, as if laid upon hands,

Found the tears flowing from this man.

Release from years of regret

Found me prostrate for which I’ll not forget.

Spiritual was my release

To forgive, forget and to cease.

As the sun set upon that day,

With the tide were my fears swept away.

Now I’m back in the land of the sword

Free to live as a true child of the Lord.


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