The Sheriff… a poem

Sheriff's Badge


When the stagecoach pulled into town

With another Sheriff onboard

The townsfolk waxed optimistic

For in two years, this was the forth.


Family and friends were gathered

Most of them lived in the town.

All eyes were trained on that wagon

With hopes of peace, they were all bound.


The saloon held all the trouble

That the townsfolk tried to avoid.

Even they gazed out the windows

Awaiting the Sheriff to deploy.


And a gasp soon turned to silence.

When on the step the new Sheriff did they see.

A come hither to the Mayor from the figure,

And the Mayor moved in cautiously.


Even as a whisper to the ear

Of the Mayor from the new Sheriffs lips.

A commotion stirred out of the bar room…

Four men with guns on their hips.


The crowd quickly departed.

And the Mayor stepped away too.

A sardonic smile slipped upon the Sheriff’s face

Pop, pop, pop, pop, and the gunfight was through.


Four men lay there before them

As the audience moved in to see.

The Sheriff had dispatched with the gunmen.

Yes, the Sheriff, Josephine Dupree.

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