Passage… a poem


Free yourself from the ropes that bind

That pull you into the depths that blind.

Anchor yourself in stolid resolve,

To cleanse the incumbrance as you evolve.


Unshackle the ligatures which hold you down

Lest you fall into the abyss – and drown.

Leviathans lurk in the shadowed deep,

To engulf, digest and forever keep.


Vigilantly, reject to beyond arm’s length

The malevolent evil that forever seeks.

Guard your ears, your mouth, your eyes

For He will consume and cause your demise.


Say your prayers before repose.

Ask for safe passage from immoral throes.

Persevere with the help of angel’s wings,

As the church bell in the distant sings.


Now, unbind yourself from the knots that deny.

Encompass your faith and with your new wings, fly.

You’ve answered the question that was posed to you.

In all there is good – see the good in you too!

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