The Despicable Manner of Mr. and Mrs. Marcus… a poem

Old Couple


The despicable manner of Mr. and Mrs. Marcus

Leaves much to be desired.

On one hand, they are loving old couple,

But on the other, their charms are conspired.

Here’s a, for instance, I can never forget,

As I strolled by their house one day.

He on the porch, she at the door,

And two children running away.

Catching them up I asked what had caused

Them to scamper away so quick.

They said the old folks offered them cookies,

But when they walked up there it was all a trick.

What kind of trick, I mused of the two,

As a smile slowly crept onto my face.

“The cookies were worms wrapped up in foil

So, we turned and ran from that place.”

Surely, they jest, as I watched them disappear

Behind the hedge down the street.

I turned on my heel and went back to the house

Where the children refused the wrapped treat.

Inquired, did I, in a civil tongue too,

As to why they would pull such a stunt.

A look was exchanged, then out it came.

“My dear, have a slice of this bundt?”

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