Leprechaun… a poem

Rainbow road

Vibrant Rainbow Roads Illuminate Forests and River Bends Into Magical Landscapes


Wake up little leprechaun

Tis time you earn your keep.

Remove the slumber from your eyes

You’ve had all day to sleep.

It’s time to extricate the gold.

There’s a rainbow on the morrow.

Take the magic dust, right there

And coat that old wheelbarrow.

A shot of whiskey, now? Okay!

I’m cognate of how you do it.

We’ve quite some ways to tread tonight.

But our subtle path is moonlit.

Try to keep upon this task

I repeat it over and over.

No getting caught up in the grass,

But mostly in the clover.

What’s that you say?  I didn’t hear you.

Your words were stifled and bray.

Oh, dear Lord. Where have you gone?

Has a prospector carried you away?

No, no, no…  I see you now.

Typical is your acuity.

Please, come out of the clover now.

We are due to pay an annuity!

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