Paid In Full… a poem


army burial cemetery cross
Photo by Pixabay on


I found a picture,

And it brought tears to my eyes.

Even after all this time

We still hurt when a loved one dies.


And sometimes when I sit alone,

Frozen memories in my mind.

I still see your smiling face

As clear as bright sunshine.


Forever gone.

But never ever lost.

Forever you live on in me.

There was no greater cost.


And when I go to change the flowers

That lay upon your grave.

I say a prayer and I give thanks

For everything you gave.


You volunteered and served

To protect us all, nobly.

Our flag still flies high.

And our nation is still free.


My pride is overflowing still

Though my brother lost his life.

So, I salute you, soldier, and always will.

There is peace.  All is quiet.

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