Homesick Harvey… #OctPoWriMo 2018

blue tat bus
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Homesick Harvey missed the last bus.

“How can I be so dumb?” said he.

Tonight, he’ll sleep with the cows in the barn.

A shower, for sure, he’ll need.


Homesick Harvey overslept the next day.

“Why’d the farmer not wake me up?” he said.

The a.m. bus – it had come and then gone.

And now, he was stuck there again.


Homesick Harvey had a nap after lunch.

“What was I thinking?” he squealed.

For the afternoon bus was far, far away,

Now he’s stuck there until his next meal.


Homesick Harvey had boarded this time,

As the bus made its way once again.

“I finally made it,” said he to himself.

But the bus crashed and burned – that’s the end!


Written for: OctPoWriMo 2018 Day 8

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