The Fall… #OctPoWriMo 2018


close up of fruits hanging on tree
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I waited patiently for the fall.

I waited patiently with my plan.

Hunger filled my heart and soul,

For what was missing in this man.

Sustenance is not so far away.

Let this cup in me overflow.

Knowledge, it begs of me – hear the Word.

If I know what I think I know?

Maybe tomorrow will glean some light,

And surrendering shadows will part.

But, until that time, I am left to ponder

Awaiting life’s brand-new start.


Written for #OctPoWriMo#2018  Day 15

3 thoughts on “The Fall… #OctPoWriMo 2018

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  1. For some reason, I got a visual of you, sitting at a table, with a cup of hot beverage, looking out at that apple, waiting for it to fall, and it inspired your poem. Nice one!


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