Apparition… a short story


Glossy was the night tempest as she shimmered into the room.  Silvery spectral light reflecting upon the naked walls of the empty house was eerily familiar.  Only the embers of a smoldering fire from the fireplace gave light to this seemingly, floating apparition.  Our breath was caught in our chests with the sudden, ghostly appearance.  To my left was my shivering wife.  Frightened from what was sensationalized before us.  My arm instinctively around her pulling her close. Fight or flight running through my brain.  But where to run from this otherworldly spectre?

I could not stifle the involuntary cry.  A deep guttural moan emanated from my diaphragm and I was forced to the realization that this could not be possible.  My wife was pleading with me to let her go.  I couldn’t understand why she didn’t want my strength to guard her.  “Why?” I called in that same low tone. 

As her face came into focus I could see the subtle smile creeping across her it as that smile became a laugh.  In my confusionI stared at her.  Then, laughing uncontrollably myself in the realization of what had transpired… I told herabout my dream.

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