DISFUNKTATION… a messed up poem

blue and black abstract artwork

Photo by Rachel Lynette French on Unsplash

The dogma of this hyperbole

Leaves me wondering if it’s true

For ages the story has been told

But, then again, it’s new

“I’s” are crossed with dotted “T’s”

While “Z” runs down to “A”

The sun and moon switch places

As night becomes the day

Birds, they swim, while fish, they fly

So colorful this black and white

Snow is warm on a Summer’s day

Cough, cough… I say, gesundheit

14 thoughts on “DISFUNKTATION… a messed up poem

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      1. I thought it looked good! I’m still struggling with Gutenberg editor. Can’t use paragraphs for poetry and the verse box gives a funky font when your post gets emailed to followers. I guess we live with it, kinks and all 😏

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