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From whence doth despair

Find its rosy rouge

Placed upon thy fair countenance?

Was not your prince,

Adorned in fawning armor,

Enough for your virtue?

Aye, tis with deep vexation

Your king beckons

This besmirching wraith

Be cast off his princess

With its superciliousness visage.

Alas, the bite of one’s own blade

Did bring dishonor upon our house.

Verily, the lineage falls.

13 thoughts on “THE LINEAGE FALLS… a poem

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      1. Thank you! Work travel yesterday and today. Back late. Only pre-posted through today. I’ll need to write a quick something on my phone while I’m at the airport tonight and post for tomorrow. 🤪😳

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      2. Lol 😁 busy times…I understand. I’ve only been posting once a week with my end of the school year craziness and prep for summer camp. I haven’t posted yesterday for this week with being sick too. I’m back to work this morning, but still trying to fight an icky head cold that’s going around my school. 🙃😜

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