LINE IN THE SAND… a poem of faith

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I drew that line in the sand

But someone wiped it off again

So, I got down on my hands and knees

And drew it back where it had been

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No sooner had I turned around

To glare back at the crowd

When someone started laughing

And someone else let out a shout

photo of foot steps on sand
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That line you drew it cannot last

No matter how hard you try

There’s a shadow cast down from a cross

Where Jesus had to die

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But in His death, He took with Him

What should come as a surprise

Every sin that’s ever been

Along with every line

20 thoughts on “LINE IN THE SAND… a poem of faith

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    1. Whew! It could represent many things including pride, hate, self-loathing, chaos… Pretty much anything that would challenge or keep one away from our God. It could represent the devil doing what he does… What are your thoughts, Alethea?

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      1. Now I get it. It’s a slow day for my mind today 😔
        I love it. This is what I understand: the reckless love of Jesus covers me no matter how hard I try to pull away. I love it.

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