man kissing baby

Belly laugh, guffaw

Chortle, giggle and snicker

All the sounds we love

Even when they get bigger

Giggle, laugh

Cackle with mirth

Precious and small

The salt of the earth

Shrieking with pleasure

Squeal with delight

Butterfly kisses

Tuck them in tight

These are only

A few little things

Our sweet babies give us

What blessings they bring

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15 thoughts on “PRECIOUSNESS… a poem

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      1. See… You were my inspiration, or at least my muses, but then again aren’t they really the same thing? ;-)))
        Have a blessed day! I’ll be extremely spotty, at best, on WP for the next week. Doing a quick vacation/high school reunion this weekend. We leave early, early in the morning! ;-)))

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