Throw light into the shadows

Cast your visage to the wind

The long, long night has ended

As the sun does shine again

bird's view eye photo of rocks surrounded by fogs within mountain range during golden hour
Image Credit

The waters reflect the beauty

From the peaks of mountains high

The breeze is hush upon the glade

A mirror in Nature’s eye

Evening, Reflection, Sunset, Sky, Sea
Image Credit

Snowcaps in the distance

With nimbus clouds above

Surely nothing can compare

A picturesque parade of love

11 thoughts on “NATURE’S EYE

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      1. So, back to your earlier statement about people “Liking” a post and never commenting… I literally just had a person “Like” 115 posts in under two minutes… That’s what we call a “false positive!”

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      2. lol, don’t be giving me any ideas, Kev. I’ll do it, yanno…. 😈😈😈😈

        Weirdly, for me, personally, I’m 100% cool with JUST a like and no comments, honestly. Sometimes I prefer that because I don’t always want to read everything, but I want to support the blogger. So I just run down my reader and click the stars sometimes. I did a funny post about this a couple weeks ago.

        But yeah, there are generators out there that do false likes. It’s unfortunate, too, because it seems like a real person but they’re designed to get mad traffic to THEIR site. It’s the blogosphere’s version of a commercial, I think. 😊

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