Thank you my dear friend, Stu, at Something to Stu Over, for nominating me for this cool, new award. Please check out Stu’s blog for inspirational quotes and from the heart posts.

Elisha over at Africa Boy created this cool award entitled The Future Goals Award.

Here are the guidelines:

Pingback to the creator, Elisha at Africa Boy

Use the same Graphic as your nominee did (as seen above).

Share five goals for your blog.

Share five goals for your life.

Nominate at least five people.

Goals are very important in life! Without goals we become complacent and unproductive. And often that leads one to feel unaccomplished in life.

So set goals and strive to meet them with integrity!

My 5 goals for What Words May Come:

  1. Bring a smile, tear or other emotion to the reader in a personal/heartfelt way.
  2. Develop and grow a group of followers to increase the blog’s footprint.
  3. Become a recognizable “brand” with my blog name.
  4. Give inspiration to those who read my blog.
  5. Extend and expand new friendships around the world.

My 5 personal goals:

  1. Continue to develop my writing skills with lots of diversity.
  2. Publish more books.
  3. Find a music collaborator to turn my song lyrics into recorded songs.
  4. Continue to grow in my Christian walk alongside my precious wife.
  5. Not be afraid to make a drastic change in my life and find the happiness God intends for me and my wife.

My Nominees/Tags:

H.R.R. Gorman

Southern Writer

Jerry Brotherton



As always… I hope you have the time and want to participate, but please know if you cannot or don’t care to it is perfectly fine. Kev

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