FEEDING… a poem

Pelicans, Ocean, Hunting, Diving, Bird

Seemingly flying

In slow motion

Diving down

To catch a bite

Wings spread wide

Above the ocean

Spearing head-long

Folded in tight

Oh, tiny fish

Caught unawares

Into the belly of the Pelican

Amid gawking stares

Of other little fish

Who count the days

Until their turn comes

Among the waves

5 thoughts on “FEEDING… a poem

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    1. And then there’s that! Ha… I born and raised on Mobile Bay, and the Brown Pelican was on the endangered list. When they dredged the ship channel they had to build an island from the spoils. It was safe from everything out there in the middle of the bay, and the pelicans thrived so well they were eventually pulled off the list. Crazy, huh?

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