brown snake

A darker side of hollow

Whispers in your ear

“I can make you happy…

Come, no need to fear!”

A prickling on your neckline

As your stomach fills with butterflies

“Is this the way that I should go?

Or is it all just lies?”

That cry of desperation

Was answered in a beat

And now the time has come for you

To go

Or to retreat

Within this world of madness

Too many empty souls

Take to the streets and kill each other

And pretend it makes them whole

So, be careful with your questions

Have faith and tow the line

Build bridges, not deeper chasms

Beacause darkness has the time

10 thoughts on “A DARKER SIDE OF HOLLOW… a dark poem

Add yours

      1. It’s going as well as can be expected, Kevin. And I’m well aware that my living situation is much better than that of many people, so I try hard to keep that in mind. I’m keeping up with my writing routine, although it took a turn to poetry that I didn’t expect. It’s good to see that you’re getting yours back on track.

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      1. Oh, no problem! I did get a job in May, making drugs for big pharma and earning my certificate in The Dark Side powers. I haven’t been advertising the good news or anything because so many people don’t have a job or a job they want right now. I know I get jealous when other people blast out “Lookie, I’m so successful!” sometimes, so I thought I’d not do that to people right now, especially not in these hard times.

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