DREAMS… a poem

person seated on grass

What is it like to capture a dream

To hold it your hands

Like a beautiful scene

How do you keep it

And not let it go

But for a second it was yours

Like one flake of snow

Only to disappear to the past

A picture in the mind

That may never last

Yet, just for a moment

The dream did come true

It put a smile on my face

Has it happened to you

8 thoughts on “DREAMS… a poem

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  1. I love the comparison of dreams to a snowflake that melts in your hand. So true, especially those dreams you have just before waking up. The moment you open your eyes,they fly out the window.
    But sometimes when I pray to remember any dreams from God (that I need to remember and understand and heed and obey), even later in the day, one will come back to me..

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