TELL THE STORY CHALLENGE: The Case of the Missing Castle Guard

First off, thank you so much, Jenna, for including me in this delightful challenge! Tell The Story Challenge is such a fun way to express a variety of talents from our dear friends here on WP …

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Clouds descending upon Castle Bright

As day turns into ominous night

Screeching of creatures hide in the mist

While a fog envelops and the air it crisps

How can chaos arise in here

Where once was day and sunshine clear

Elves and fairies and trolls alike

Borrow and scamper or take to flight

Escaping in panic leaving all behind

Lest the evil that stalks become their brine

Where is the hero who guards the gate

Deterring the enemy that loves to hate

Tis more than lunch or afternoon tea

That keeps the keeper of Castle Bright free

Has he found folly and paid the cost

Leaving us to suffer in a harrowing loss

Upon whose ears will the trumpet sound

Releasing the bonds of our castle and ground

Yet even as sorrow builds its army strong

A light in the distance and above the throng

Is hope that can pierce this deepening fright

As our castle guard returns – as a marvelous knight

Now to play the Tell The Story Challenge is relatively simple, you must tag three people to participate and their role is to create a story or tale or poem or just a verse to support the image offered them as inspiration.

My three choices are:

Tao Talk

In Search of Lost Marbles

Blog of the Wolf Boy

Here is the picture for you should you decide to partake… Cheers!

woman reaching her arms on camera
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Landscape, Fire, Summer, Sommerfest

With flint in hand on this cool Autumn night

I strike a great spark and hope that it’s right

Dried out leaves, twigs and logs for a fire

To keep out the cold in a soul that is dour

And the light of this flame that will burn in the night

Guiding the forgotten and those who took flight

Bringing in all who have lost their way

With blind love and warmth at the end of the day


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FIGHTER… a poem

man's hand and chains
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Tear my mind away from the traps that lay within

Hold tight, steadfast and true to the belief that I have purpose

Refuge is not a place of ideology

But a place of triumph from battles fought

Wash these callused hands in the blood of my forefathers

Hold tight to the truth of their sacrifice of yesteryear

Beware, as ancestry too, has places of darkness

For rage and intolerance follow the path of their iniquities

Enlightenment dissuades the beast inside

Constraints, no matter their strength, can break

Take heart and lean into love

For only in this we shall we be victorious and find peace

Don’t eat the berries… a poem

After eating the berries

In the woods where I walked

I sat leaning against a tree

And in my delirium, talked

To the gnomes and elves

That were circling round me

Apparently they

Had been hiding in the tree

I inquired why the light

Was getting so dim

As I took my last breath

And became one of them

mistletoe tree
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Humanity… a poem

Little old Fiddlebrock Simpsonstien
Wondered the streets alone
He was a simple and quiet old man
His features like toppling stone
No one could understand him
When words did escape his lips
While some would laugh and tilt their heads
Others laid hands on hips
With head hung low like the setting sun
Fiddlebrock heads for home
An appliance box with newspaper floor
Keeps him warm from the fresh falling snow
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