N is for Nascent…AtoZChallenge2019

Looking out over the fray

People hover in clustered ineptitude

Like a low lying fog over turbulent waters

They mill around without direction

Yet, I can sense promise

I can sense hope

As the fog lifts to reveal the true picture

The sun glistens upon the wash of humanity

A child cries out and all heads turn

We are nascent

M is for Macrophobia…#AtoZChallenge2019

fear of prolonged waiting

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She had it planned out perfectly. Walmart was rarely crowded at this time of day, and her list of items would fill only half of her grocery cart/buggy.

As she approached the checkout lines, however, her macrophobia kicked into high gear. There was only one register open…

K is for Kaleidoscope…#AtoZChallenge2019

Kaleidoscope, Pattern, Kaleydograf
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A rainbow of colors

Collecting the light

A brand new perspective

To help ease the plight

Of the harness that chokes us

Five days a week

It finally ends

With a two day reprieve

So, do all you can

And replenish your soul

And like the kaleidoscope

Do it proudly and bold

This Changes Everything! — Mitch Teemley

I cannot help but share this hilarious blog from my friend Mitch Teemley… I hope all you grammaticasters out there enjoy it as much as I did… Be sure to see the entire blog… Kev

Note: This is from that bastion of journalistic integrity The Weekly World News, so you know it’s gotta be true. Check and see if your boss or ex-boyfriend is still around. Other actual newspaper headlines from the Think-Before-You-Print department: “New Autos to Hit Five Million” “Tuna Biting Off Washington Coast” “Child’s Stool Great for Use […]

This Changes Everything! — Mitch Teemley

I is for “I no know, Papa!” #AtoZChallenge2019

I was visiting my precious granddaughter during a time she was expanding her vocabulary, and I asked her an innocuous question, to which she responded:

“I no know, Papa!”

This is a phrase that my wife and I still repeat today… I do love my babies!